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About this product

  • People say that using Supari for Pooja will keep away bad things.
  • People think it will bring them happiness, fertility, wealth, good health, and success.
  • In the ceremony, it is seen as a way to respect the gods or goddesses.
  • Along with flowers and rice, it is often put on the shrine of the honored god.
  • Using arecanut in Puja is a good way to show respect and ask for good luck.

What is Supari or Areca Nut?

Supari, also called “Areca nut,” is a well-known and widely eaten tropical food. It is the seed of a palm tree that grows in Southeast Asia and is called Areca catechu. Betelnut is often chewed for its uplifting effects, similar to tobacco or betel leaves. It has cultural and traditional meanings in many countries, especially India, where it is often eaten after meals or at social events.

The nut is small and round, and a thin layer of red or green husk covers it. It tastes a bit bitter and spicy, and when you chew it, alkaloids like arecoline are released, making you feel a little bit high. But too much arecanut can cause bad things to happen to your health, like mouth cancer, heart disease, and addiction. arecanut is still used a lot, even though it could be dangerous. It is eaten raw, roasted, or mixed with other things to make arecanut quid or flavored mouth fresheners.

Why Use of Pooja Supari?

Supari, also known as betel nut, is a very important part of Hindu ceremonies and poojas. It is often given to gods as part of religious rites. People think using arecanut in pooja will bring luck and wealth and keep away bad energy. People believe its natural scent cleans the air, making it a peaceful place to worship.

The betel nut is also known for its digestive qualities, which help and strengthen the digestive system. It is also thought to increase energy flow and sharpen the mind. People think the shape of the arecanut resembles Lord Ganesha, the breaker of obstacles, so it is thought lucky. In pooja, giving arecanut is a way to show respect and ask the gods for their benefit. Using arecanut enhances the spiritual experience and strengthens the link with the divine, whether a simple home pooja or a big temple ceremony.

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