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About this item

  • In Hindu ceremonies like pujas and havans, the Indian custom of Navdhanya is to give nine different grains to the Gods.
  • The 9 grains stand for the nine planets, or navagrahas, which are thought to affect our lives.
  • Wheat, rice, black gramme, horse gramme, Bengal gramme, foxtail millet, pearl millet, mung bean, and sesame seeds are all on the list of Navdhanya.
  • People think Navdhanya is an excellent gift to give to the gods because the grains are considered to have divine energy.
  • Sages from the Vedas and Upanishads are said to have chosen the grains because they show the power and beauty of the gods.
  • During pujas and havans, giving Navdhanya helps bring balance and harmony to the world.
  • The nine grains used in Navdhanya are known to be full of vitamins and minerals that the Gods need. This makes them a healthy gift for the Gods.

What is Navadhanya for Pooja?

Navadhanyam dhanya is an essential part of Navagraha puja, an old Hindu practice done to make peace with the nine planets or celestial bodies that cause problems in people’s lives. During the puja, the Nava Dhanyalu is used to make prasad or a gift to the gods. Each of the nine grains in the Nava Dhanyalu represents one of the nine planets. Black Sesame seeds represent the Sun or Surya; wheat represents the Moon; Bengal gram represents Mars; green gram represents Mercury; black gram represents Venus; horse gram represents Jupiter; rice represents Saturn; maize represents Rahu; and millet represents Ketu.

People believe that the grains in the Navadhanya pooja set can keep away bad energies and bring peace and wealth to their lives. Navagraha Dhanya is used in the Navagraha puja ritual.

In Vedic society, it was thought that giving grains to the gods would bring good crops and fertility, so using these nine grains shows how vital agriculture and food were. Overall, Navadhanya is an essential part of Indian culture and spirituality and an important part of many spiritual ceremonies.

Buy Navadhanyam for Navgraha Shanti Online

You can buy Nava Dhanyalu on the Internet from Pujasthan. Nava Dhanyalu is a unique mix of nine different kinds of grains that are important in Hinduism culture and are offered to the deity. The set comes with a metal plate, a diya, and the Navadhanya grains, which make it easy to do the pooja. Shop at Pujasthan right now.

Tip: Devotees often buy Navgrah Samidha, along with this product.

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