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  • Introducing our high-quality Jau Ka Atta, Organic Barley Flour or Jau Atta. This flexible and healthy flour is a must-have in every kitchen. Made from the best whole barley grains, our Jau Ka Atta is carefully made and packed to keep its natural goodness.
  • Jau Ka Atta is not just regular flour; it has unique qualities that make it suitable for a wide range of tasty foods. Whether you are a health-conscious person or a cook who likes to try new things, this flour will meet all your needs. It is an excellent source of dietary fibre, which has many health benefits like better digestion and weight control. It is also full of essential minerals like iron and magnesium, suitable for general health.
  • One of the most exciting things about barley atta is that it can perform pind daan during Pitrupaksha. Pitrupaksha is a significant time in Hinduism for honouring the dead. During this time, barley atta was used in traditions to offer pinda (rice balls) to keep the quiet. Its importance in these customs adds to the significance of this special flour.
  • Aside from its cultural importance, barley atta is a versatile kitchen ingredient. It can make meals like flatbreads, porridges, snacks, and desserts. The flour has a slightly nutty flavour, which gives the meals a unique taste. It mixes easily with other ingredients, so you can try and make tasty, healthy meals.
  • Our barley atta is made from approved organic barley grains for the best quality. These grains are grown using old-fashioned growing methods without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. We take pride in giving our customers a pure product that has yet to be changed.
  • Our barley atta is an excellent choice for anyone who cares about health or wants to bring ancient traditions into their daily lives. Its great taste and health benefits make it the perfect addition to your kitchen. So, step up your cooking game and try Jaw Ka Atta today!

Buy Organic barley Flour, Jau Ka Atta, Online at the Best Price in India.

Buy organic barley flour, also known as Jo ka Atta, online at the best price in India from Pujasthan. Barley flour is gluten-free and high in fibre and essential nutrients. Enjoy the goodness of organic, healthy barley flour in your baking and cooking.

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