Green Elaichi, Whole Green Cardamom, Choti Elaichi



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About this item

They are also known as Choti Elaichi, Small Cardamom, Choti Hari Elaichi, Whole Green Cardamom, Velchi, Elakki, and Ilaichi Choti.

  • It has a lot of vitamins, which can help improve your health and well-being as a whole.
  • The unique taste of Green Cardamom makes sweet and savoury dishes stand out.
  • It is perfect for people who want to treat themselves without giving up nutrition.
  • It is also used as part of the Hindu Puja ceremony.
  • Aromatic green cardamom is the best way to get your taste buds excited.

What is Green Elaichi?

Green cardamom is the queen of spices made from the Elettaria cardamomum plant’s seeds. It is one of the most expensive spices in the world and is used a lot in India because it smells good and is suitable for you. Green Cardamom has a strong, sweet taste and a refreshing smell. It is often used to improve the taste of cakes, tea, and coffee.

It is also known for being good for your health. For example, it is used to avoid and treat respiratory, digestive, and inflammation problems. Fresh green cardamom comes in different forms, such as powder, oil, and whole cardamom pods. It is easy to add to many foods to make them taste better and be healthier. Green Cardamom is delicious to eat and has been used as a natural cure for hundreds of years.

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