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  • Available in Raw and Powder form.
  • Amba haldi is a unique Ayurvedic spice with many health benefits. Curcuma Amada is the scientific name for this fantastic herb. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries because of its healing qualities.
  • Joint pain is one of the most essential things that Kacchi Haldi is used for. Researchers have found that its natural anti-inflammatory chemicals help relieve pain and keep joints healthy. Amba haldi can also help reduce itching and soothe the skin, which makes it an excellent choice for treating several skin problems.
  • Regarding digestion, Kacchi Haldi is highly regarded for easing heartburn and stomach problems like bloating and gas. It also helps coughs and stuffy noses by making it easier to cough up mucus.
  • Also, this helpful spice is known for its ability to heal wounds. When put on the skin, it helps damaged cells grow back, which speeds up healing and reduces the risk of infection.
  • Feel the fantastic benefits of Amba haldi and improve your health. This Ayurvedic spice naturally treats joint pain, skin problems, indigestion, cough, and cuts. Get some Amba haldi today and take a healthier, more whole-person attitude to your health.

What is Amba Haldi or Curcuma Amada?

Amba haldi, or Curcuma Amada, is also known as raw turmeric. The spice comes from the root of the Curcuma zedoaria plant, also known as white turmeric or Zedoaria. The root of the Curcuma Longa plant, sometimes called haldi or yellow turmeric, is easy to find all over the Indian subcontinent. It has a bright orange inside and an earthy yellow outside because of how much curcumin it has. It is an essential spice in Indian food.

Amba Haldi is more vivid and has a bitterer taste than yellow turmeric. One of the most significant differences is that amba haldi doesn’t color much like yellow haldi. White haldi is still used in Asian cooking, even though it’s not a popular spice anymore and is often replaced by ginger. It can make sauce, pickles, sweets, preserves, and candy.

Turmeric is an essential spice in Indian food. Amba Haldi is mentioned in Ayurveda and is thought to have various health benefits. It is known as an “Ayurvedic miracle remedy” because it has benefits that no one expected. It begins at a plant’s root.

The best way to use this root is kacchi haldi, which means “raw turmeric.” The root spice kacchi haldi, sometimes called raw turmeric, is treated and turned into turmeric powder, just like ginger. You can hire Amba Haldi both internally and abroad.

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The best price for amba haldi Raw & powder can be found at Pujasthan, where you can buy it online. This one-of-a-kind mix is full of the good things in mango, ginger, and turmeric, which have many health benefits. Order this powder today to try out its delicious flavours and health benefits.

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