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Mata Chinnamasta Aarti

Mata Chinnamasta Ki Aarti

Mata Chinnamasta is one of the most powerful and revered goddesses in Hinduism. She is the embodiment of the Shakti – divine feminine energy – and is worshipped by devotees who seek her blessings and protection. Mata Chinnamasta’s worship has become increasingly popular over the years, and her aarti (hymns sung in her honor) is an integral part of her devotional practice.

Mata Chinnamasta Aarti Lyrics in Hindi

आइए हम छिन्‍नमस्‍ता की उतारें आरती ।
भैरवी भी भक्ति से दिनरात चरण पखारती ॥

संग है विजया जया का रक्‍त धारा बह रही ।
लोक मंगल के लिए मां कष्‍ट भारी सह रही ॥
सिर हथेली पर रख सदा रख भक्‍तगण को तारती ।
आइए हम छिन्‍नमस्‍ता की उतारें आरती ॥

रक्‍त वसना सिर विखंडित हस्‍त दो तन श्‍याम है ।
छिन्‍नमस्‍ता नाम जिसका राजरप्‍पा धाम है ॥
जो भवानी दुष्‍ट दैत्‍यों का सदा संहारती ।
आइए हम छिन्‍नमस्‍ता की उतारें आरती ॥

जो सती दुर्गा प्रचण्‍डा चण्डिका भुवनेश्‍वरी ।
सत्‍व रजतम रूपिणी जय अम्बिका अखिलेश्‍वरी ॥
जो कराली कालिका हैं और कमला भारती ।
आइए हम छिन्‍नमस्‍ता की उतारें आरती ॥

आइए मां की शरण में और माथा टेकिए ।
दीनता दारिद्र दुख को दूर वन में फेंकिए ॥
भक्‍त के कल्‍याण में जननी कहां कब हारती ।
आइए हम छिन्‍नमस्‍ता की उतारें आरती ॥

॥ इति माता छिन्‍नमस्‍ता आरती संपूर्णम् ॥

Mata Chinnamasta Aarti Lyrics in English

Aaiye Hum Chinnamasta Ki Utaare Aarti.
Bhairavi Bhi Bhakti Se Dinraat Charan Pkarti.

Sanh Hai Vijaya Jaya Ka Rakt Dhara Beh Rahi.
Lok Mangal Ke Liye Maa Kasth Bhaari Seh Rahi.
Shir Hatli Par Rakh Sada Rakh Bhaktgan Ko Tarti.
Aaiye Hum Chinnamasta Ki Utaare Aarti.

Rakt Vasna Shir Vikandhit Hasth Do Tan Shyam Hai.
Chhinnamasta Naam Jiska Rajrappa Dham Hai.
Jo Bhavani Dusth Daityo ko Sada Sangarti.
Aaiye Hum Chinnamasta Ki Utaare Aarti.

Jo Sati Durga Prachanda Chandika Bhuvaneshwari.
Sattva Rajatam Rupini Jai Ambika Akhileshwari.
Jo Karali Kalika Hai Aur Kamala Bharti.
Aaiye Hum Chinnamasta Ki Utaare Aarti.

Aaiye Maa Ki Sharan Me Aur Matha Tekiye.
Dinta Daridh Dukh Ko Dur Van Me Fekiye.
Bhakt Ke Kalayan Me Janni Kha Kab Harti
Aaiye Hum Chinnamasta Ki Utaare Aarti.

!! Iti Mata Chinnamasta Aarti !!

Famous Temple of Mata Chinnamasta

The Chhinnamasta temple in Rajrappa is one of India’s most intriguing temples. This magnificent Hindu pilgrimage place is in the Ramgarh district of the Indian state of Jharkhand. This temple is also known as the Rajrappa temple, according to locals. You will be shocked to learn that between 2,500 and 3,000 vacationers and pilgrims visit the temple weekly. There are frequent visitors from all parts of India, although most are from Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal. The English translation of “Chhinnamasta” is “one who is headless.” When you enter the monument, you will realize its name’s appropriateness. This site is dedicated to Maa Chhinnamastikey, a headless divinity. In addition to its religious value, travelers visit the temple for its historical and architectural significance. The site is aesthetically pleasing. Many people believe that it has existed for 6,000 years. However, this needs to be objectively demonstrated.

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