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Lakshmana Temple Khajuraho

Lakshmana Temple Khajuraho: Built by King Yashovarman of the Chandella Kingdom

The Chandella Kings built the Lakshmana Temple in Khajuraho. It was the first Temple they built in the city’s centre. People knew that Yashovarman, the leader of the Chandella Clan, was the first person to give money to the Khajuraho Lakshmana Temple. At that time, Yashovarman controlled many areas in the Bundelkhand area. There used to be about 80 churches here, but now there are only about 30 left. This place has beautiful art and a spiritual feel. Some of the buildings were also built to honour the teachers of Jainism.

Over 600 gods from the Hindu Pantheon are shown on the shrine’s beautiful decorations. There are four separate shrines in each corner of the main shrine on the east side of the building. Some of the most graphic erotic carvings are said to be on the south side of the Lakshmana Temple. Here are some important things you need to know about the place before you go.

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History of Temple in Khajuraho, Lakshmana Temple

The Chandella kings built Khajuraho as their new city, and the Lakshmana temple was the first Temple they built there. From the 10th to the 13th centuries, the Chandellas supported artists, poets, and performers. They also built sandstone irrigation systems, palaces, and many churches. At one time, there were more than 80 temples here. Some were Hindu shrines for the gods Shiva, Vishnu, and Surya.

There were also temples made to honour the gods who taught Jainism, an old faith from India. About 30 buildings still stand in Khajuraho today. Yashovarman, a leader of the Chandella clan, was the first person to support the Lakshmana temple. He took control of parts of central India in the Bundelkhand region, once part of the Pratihara Dynasty. Yashovarman wanted to build a temple to prove he had the right to rule over these lands, but he died before he could finish it. In 954 C.E., the Temple was finished by his son Dhanga, who then gave it to the people.

Lakshmana Temple Khajuraho Architecture

The Lakshmana Temple Khajuraho is a sight to watch because of how it was built. The first thing you will see is a picture of Lord Vishnu in his Vaikuntha form, which has three heads. He sits in the inner chamber, which is also called the Garba Griha. This part of the Temple is considered the heart of all Hindu shrines, no matter how big or far away they are.

The womb room of the Temple is thought to be the most important part of the shrine. This part is made in a very different way. It is dark inside the chamber, and there are no windows. This part of the Temple was made so people could honour the divine power alone. This is a very different way to pray than how people of other religions do it in mosques and churches.

The Nagara style is used in the building of the Lakshmana Temple. The important flat-roofed entrance to this type of Temple is called the mandapa. The shrines are called Vimana.

The base-over structure of the shrine in this Temple is called a shikhara, and it is best seen from a distance. If you are still amazed by the Temple’s huge statues and dark rooms and want to know more about them, let’s review the most important parts.

Best time to Visit Temple

October to March is the best time to visit Khajuraho. It’s during this time that most tourists will visit these sites. There are many reasons why there are so many tourists during this time, but the weather is the main one. If we go to Khajuraho, we will find that it is mostly a dry area with sparse greenery and rocky areas around it. Because of this, the temperature rises quickly in the summer, making it hard to see things under the open sky.

People like to go on trips from October to March because the weather is nice, and most national and foreign holidays fall during this period. The world-famous Khajuraho Dance Festival is also held at the end of February. These things make this time of year the best time to visit Khajuraho. From July to September, a rainy season is here called the monsoon. During this time, the area around it turns green, which is why many people who love nature like to visit at this time.

Darshan Timing

The Lakshmana Temple in Khajuraho is open from 6 AM to 5 PM so that people can look at its beautiful design and rich cultural history all day. Whether you like to get up early or come in the afternoon, this beautiful Temple is ready to welcome you. The carvings look peaceful in the morning as the sun rises and casts a golden glow. In the afternoon, there is plenty of daylight to look at the Temple’s intricate features. So, plan your trip to fully enjoy the beauty of the Lakshmana Temple Khajuraho.

Darsan Dresscode

The dress is respectful and right for a place of prayer and historical importance.


At this Temple, there are no ceremonies. But every night at 19:30, the tourism department puts on a light and sound show in the garden of the western group of temples.

How to Reach Lakshmana Hindu Temple?

Google Location Map

By Rail

The closest train station to the Khajuraho Temple is the Khajuraho Railway Station. But getting to big towns is difficult, and most long-distance trains don’t stop there. Instead, you should take a train to the Jhansi Junction Railway Station, which has good connections to most of India’s big cities. Khajuraho is about 175 kilometres from Jhansi, so you can take a bus or hire a cab to get there. It takes about 4-5 hours to get from Jhansi to Khajuraho.

By Road

Khajuraho is easy to get to by road from many towns in Madhya Pradesh and states nearby. From towns like Jhansi, Satna, Orchha, and Chhatarpur, you can take a bus or rent a car to get to Khajuraho. Most of the roads are in good shape, which makes travelling easy. Several state-run and private buses go to Khajuraho daily. You can also hire a taxi or use an app-based cab service for a more open and easy trip.

By Air

Khajuraho Airport is the closest airport to Khajuraho. There are regular flights to Khajuraho from big towns in India like Delhi, Mumbai, and Varanasi. When you get to the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a cab you have already reserved to get to the Khajuraho Temple in Khajuraho.

Nearest Hotel, Restaurant, Medical Store, ATM

Nearest RestaurantNearest HotelNearest Medical StoreNearest ATM
le rose cafeHotel SiddharthPradeep Medical StoreCANARA BANK ATM

Address, Website, Official Phone Number, Email, Darshan Live

AddressRajnagar Rd, Sevagram, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh 471606, India
Official Website
Live DarshanNot available
Contact NumberNot available
Email AddressNot available
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