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Basukinath Temple

Basukinath Temple, Deoghar, Jharkhand

Basukinath is in the Dumka District of the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is about 25 km northwest of Dumka and is on the state highway between Deoghar and Dumka. It is a place where Hindus go to pray. The main thing to see here is the Basukinath Temple. The nearest rail stops are at Jasidih Junction Railway Station and Jamtara Railway Station. The nearest airport is Ranchi Airport. It is at Jarmundi Block on the Dumka-Deoghar State Highway, which is 24 km from Dumka, which is where the district headquarters are. People from all over the country come here every year to worship Lord Shiva. People from many different countries also come here in the month of Shravan to worship Lord Shiva.

Temple NameBasukinath Temple
Temple is also known asBasukinath Dham
Temple Dedicated toShiva
Temple Timing3:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Aartiओम जय शिव ओंकारा
Darshan FeeFree entry
VIP EntryNot available
Baba Basukinath Live DarshanNot available
Important FestivalsShravan Mela, Ram Janaki Vivah Utsav
AddressBasukinath Mandir Rd, Basukinath, Jharkhand 814141
Official WebsiteNot available
Contact Number+91-97090 62573
Official Email IDNot available

About Baba Basukinath Dham

Basukinath is the second most well-known temple in Deoghar and the area around it. It is on the way between Deoghar and Dumka. Hindus go to Basukinath Temple as a place of worship. People like to visit the Basukinath Temple. People say that the Basukinath temple is Baba Bhole Nath’s court. In Basukinath Dham, the temples for Shiva and Parvati are right next to each other.

When the doors to both temples open in the evening, devotees are told to move away from the doors because it is thought that Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati meet at this time. The temple is near the village of Jarmundi and is a good example of art from the area. On the grounds of this old temple, there are a lot of smaller temples.

The popular Shiva Temple at Basukinath Temple brings many tourists and devotees there all year long. People think that a pilgrimage to Babadham is not complete unless they pay their respects at Basukinath. The Ghatwals of Nonihat have a role in the history of these well-known Shiva Temples.

Temple History

According to the stories in the Shiva Purana, in the Treta yuga, Ravana, the king of Lanka, thought that his capital city would not be perfect and free of enemies unless Mahadeva (Shiva) stayed there forever. He didn’t stop meditating on Mahadeva. In the end, Shiva was pleased and let him take his lingam with him to Lanka. Mahadeva told him not to place or give this lingam to anyone. There shouldn’t be a break in his journey to Lanka. If he left the lingam anywhere on earth during his travels, it would stay there forever. Ravana was happy as he was making his way back to Lanka.

The other gods didn’t like this idea. If Shiva went to Lanka with Ravana, Ravana would become unbeatable, and his bad and anti-vedic actions would threaten the world. Ravana was on his way back from Mount Kailash when it was time for his evening prayer, or sandya-vandana. He couldn’t do sandya-vandana with Shiva Linga in his hand, so he looked for someone who could hold it for him. Vishnu then appeared as a shepherd who was raising sheep nearby. Ravana told Ganesh to pretend to be a shepherd and hold the linga while he did sandya-vandana. He also told him not to put the linga on the ground at any time.

Temple Architecture

The Basukinath Temple is the oldest temple in the state of Jharkhand. In addition to the main temple, there are many other temples built all over the campus and dedicated to different Hindu gods. The temples are made of white marble and were built in the style of traditional Jharkhand temples, which have a dome in the shape of a lotus flower. The name of a pond near the temple is Van Ganga. Pilgrims wash in this holy pond before they get Lord Shiva’s divine blessing.

Local History and Culture

The real spirit of Jharkhand’s culture can be seen in its 100-year-old history, music, art, religion, food, and people. Ranchi was the capital of this brand-new Indian state, which was mostly made up of Bihar. There are many pilgrimages in this state in the east of India. People from all over the country and the world come to this beautiful state to see the religious sites that are important to them. There are many beautiful places to visit in Jharkhand, such as Netarhat, Deoghar, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Sahebganj, Maithon, Massanjore, and more, as well as temples, churches, and mosques.

Darsan Information

The temple is always available to visitors. The times for darshan at the Baba Basukinath Temple are as follows.

Darshan InfoTime
Day time3:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Night timeFrom sunset to 8:00 PM
Evening Aarti time5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Special Rituals

Shravan Mela

Shraavana is a Hindu month that falls between July and August. The Shravan Mela is held in Basukinath, which is why it is so well-known. This month, people from all over the country go to the Basukinath Temple to pray to Lord Shiva.

During these religious prayers, holy Ganga water is brought from Sultanganj, which is in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar, about 135 kilometres from Basukinath, and given to the gods. During this time, people wearing saffron-coloured clothes can be seen all along the path from Bhagalpur to Basukinath. People who are known as “Bol Bam” stop more than once on their way from Sultanganj to Basukinath, while people who are known as “Dak Bam” don’t stop at all on their way from Sultanganj to Basukinath. At the end of this long trip, the Shivalinga is finally given water.

Ram Janaki Vivah Utsav

The Ram Janaki Vivah Utsav is a festival that is held every year on the day of Vivah Panchmi with a lot of enthusiasm. This festival is very important, especially to Hindus, because it is when Lord Ram and Sita got married. According to the Hindu calendar, this festival takes place on the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha in the Margashirsha month, which is in November or December.

The late Pandit Nainalal Jha, Pradhan Tirth Purohit Baba Basukinath, came up with the idea for this festival. He was very excited to start celebrating this holiday. A procession of elephants and horses called the “Palki Utsav” took part in the celebrations. This parade is led by Pandit Tara Kant Jha, who is the son of Pandit Nainalal Jha.

Important Festivals

Maghi PurnimaFebruary
Holi Ram Navami BrataMarch
Mesh SankrantiApril
Ganga DashaharaMay
Guru PurnimaJuly
Nag PanchamiSeptember
Radha Ashtami and Ganesh PujaSeptember
Laxmi and Durga PujaOctober
Hanuman Jayanti, Kali Puja/Deepavali, and Kartick PujaNovember
Ram Vivah PanchamiDecember

How To Reach Basukinath

Basukinath is on the state highway between Deoghar and Dumka, about 25 kilometres northwest of Dumka. On the Jasidih-Dumka New Railway line, the Basukinath Railway Station can be found. About 50 kilometres separate Deoghar and Basukinath. You can take a taxi or a shared taxi to get to your final destination. It will cost between INR 700 and INR 9,00, depending on how many people are in the cab and what kind of cab it is.

If you want to fly, the Birsa Munda International Airport in Ranchi, which is 250 km away, is the closest airport.

The Netaji Subhash International Airport in Kolkata is another airport (271 km)

If you want to travel by train, the Basukinath Railway station in Dumka District, Jharkhand, is the closest one. Placed two kilometres from the temple.

By bus, you can easily get from Kolkata/Howrah to Basukinath, Deoghar. Both state-run and private buses serve this route. To get to Baba Basukinath Temple from there, you need to take auto rickshaws or taxis.

Ideal Time to Visit

The English calendar says that July or August is the best time to come here. Also, this is “Shravan Month.” We know that the most important festival here, called Shravani Mela or Kanwariya Yatra takes place during this time, so this is the best time to visit.

Darshan Dress Code

Even though there are no rules about what to wear, most people wear traditional clothes.

Basukinath Temple Location Map

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