Peshwai Premium Sandal King Dhoop Sticks


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  • Experience tranquillity like never before with Peshwai Premium Sandal King Incense Dhoop Sticks. These exceptional incense sticks are designed to elicit a serene ambience, transporting you to an oasis of peace and calmness. They instantly infuse your surroundings with rich, enchanting notes of sandalwood that awaken your senses and purify the atmosphere.
  • Crafted from high-quality ingredients, Peshwai Premium Sandal King Incense Dhoop Sticks create a lasting aroma that enhances your meditation or yoga practices, making them more profound and rejuvenating. Each stick ensures consistent burning time, promising an immersive sensory experience for hours. They are also non-toxic by nature, which makes them safe for regular use around children and pets.
  • Besides delivering exquisite fragrances, Peshwai Premium Sandal King Incense Dry Dhoop Sticks help reduce stress levels and promote mental well-being. The compelling scent aids in calming the mind, stimulating positivity and clarity – a soothing retreat after long, tiring days! With these dhoop sticks at home or in your workspace, feel reenergized while nurturing holistic wellness within you.

Buying Guide – Peshwai Premium Sandal King Dhoop Sticks

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  • Product weight: 50 grams
  • Burning Time: 25 – 25 min
  • Stick size: 4 inch

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