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  • Paneer Doda Phool, also called Paneer Dodi, Paneer fruit, and Paneer Ka Phool, is a unique plant medicine used in Ayurveda for hundreds of years. This natural wonder comes from the plant and is known for its many health benefits.
  • A plant called Paneer Ke Phool is from India and the Middle East. It has been used in traditional treatment for a long time because of how well it heals. The plant is full of chemicals and antioxidants that are good for you and help it support different body processes.
  • The Paneer Flower is best known for being good for digestion. It helps gastric enzymes get out of the body and makes more bile, which is good for digestion. It also helps ease gas, acidity, and indigestion, which can make you feel uncomfortable after a meal.
  • Another essential benefit of Paneer Flower is that it may be used for managing diabetes. It has chemicals that may improve insulin and help the body use glucose better. Controlling how much sugar is in the blood may help people with diabetes manage their condition and avoid problems.
  • This plant remedy is also thought to support the immune system. Panir Doda Phool has active ingredients that may help the immune system fight off dangerous pathogens and infections. It may also help lower inflammation, which can help ease the symptoms of autoimmune diseases.
  • Paneer Nellikai lets you feel the power of nature. This herb has many health benefits that generally help you feel better. Start your road towards a healthier and happier life by ordering your supply today.

Regional names of Paneer Doda Phool

Botanical nameWithania Coagulans
English NameIndian Rennet, Vegetable rennet, Indian cheese maker
PunjabiKhamjaria, Khamjira
HindiPaneer bandh, Panirband, Paneer dodhi, Paneer-dodi, Punir dodi, Paneer booti
KannadaAmakiregadday, Asvagandhi
TeluguPanneru-gadda, Pennerugadda

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