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Malliyoor Maha Ganapathy Temple

Malliyoor Maha Ganapathy Temple

The Malliyoor Sree MahaGanapathy Temple in Kottayam district, Kerala, is revered as the home of Lord Ganesha’s all-encompassing divine presence. It is also a popular destination for lakhs of pilgrims from all over India. The elephant-headed Lord Ganesha is the son of Siva and Parvathy. He is the most important god in the Hindu pantheon. He is Parabrahma in human form. He is the God of Wisdom and Learning and the Remover of All Obstacles. He is worshipped before any other god.

Temple NameMalliyoor Maha Ganapathy Temple
Temple is also known asMalliyoor Sree Maha Ganapathy Temple
Temple Dedicated toLord Ganesha
Temple Timing 5:00 AM AM to 8:00 PM
AartiSukh Karta dukh Harta
Darshan FeeFree
VIP EntryNot available
Live DarshanNot available
Important FestivalsGanesh Chaturthi
AddressMalliyoor Sri Mahaganapathi Kshethram Trust Manjoor (PO), Kuruppanthara, Kottayam District, Kerala, India – 686 603
Contact Number+91-4829-243455/243465, +91-8547699009
Official Email,

About Malliyoor Maha Ganapathy Temple

The Mlliyoor Maha Ganapathy temple is 500 meters from the Kuruppanthara train station in the Kottayam district of Kerala. The murti here depicts Ganesha with Sri Krishna on his lap, making the shrine distinctive. The murti’s sankalpam, in this instance, is that of Vaishnava Ganapathy. The prathishta is of Beeja Ganapathi, according to some beliefs.

Malliyoor Maha Ganapathy Temple, A Unique Temple Featuring Sri Krishna On Ganesha’s Lap
Vinayaka Chaturthi, which occurs during the month of Chingam, is the most important celebration held at the temple. The eight-day celebration is arranged so that Pallivetta is observed on Vinayaka Chaturthi.
The Upa Devatas Shiva, Bhagavathy, Sastha, Anthimahakalan, Aaya Yakshi, and Brahma Rakshas are worshipped in the temple.

Temple Legend

According to mythology, the temple was administered jointly by the Aryappally Mana and the Vadakkedam Mana. The union of these two families formed the Malliyoor family. However, the family quickly fell on hard things.

Even though the temple underwent renovations in various phases, the construction was always interrupted. Everything changed when the priest at the time, Bhagavatha Hamsam Brahmasree Malliyoor Shankaran Namboothiri, began reciting ‘Sree Maha Bhagavatham’ in front of Ganesha and making a sacrifice to his Lord. His ardent devotion and meditation resulted in imbuing the Ganesha statue with the spirit of Mahavishnu. Therefore, this deity is known as Vaishnava Ganapathy.

Temple Architecture

The temple is built in the style of traditional Kerala architecture, but a lot of work is being done on it right now to make it a Mahakshetram. They are building a Vishnu Maheswara Temple next to the main building. It will have chuttambalam, thidappally, and mulayara.

Main Festival

One of the best things about the Malliyoor temple is the utsavam, which lasts eight days and ends with a colorful aarattu on Vishu day. For the aarattu, decorated elephants lead a colorful procession to the Subramanya Swami temple at Eravimangalam, a kilometer from the temple. People can offer Utsava Bali and Sribhuta Bali during the festival for 6 days straight. At Malliyoor, people celebrate Vinayaka Chaturthi with a lot of passion and devotion. This is the day that Goddess Parvathy made Lord Vinayaka. Vinayaka Chaturthy happens on the fourth day of the waxing moon (suklapakshm) in Bhadra/Chingam (August-September).

Puja & Ritual Timing

The god here is thought of as Beeja Ganapathy. His boot is twisted to the right (valampiri) and has a lime on the end of it. His hands hold an axe, a rope, a horn, and a laddoo can. Malliyoor Sree MahaGanapathy Temple is unique in that its main god, Vaishnava Ganapathy, is pictured as a young Sree Krishna sitting on Lord Ganesha’s lap.

Opening (Nirmalya Darsanam)5:00 AM
Abishekam, Malar nivedyam5.30 AM
Mukkutti Pushpanjali8.00 AM
Ucha Pooja10.00 AM
Temple Closed11.30 AM to 5.30 PM
Temple Open again5.30 PM
Deeparadhana6.30 PM
Atthazha Nivedyam7.00 PM
Temple Closes8.00 PM

Darshan Dresscode

You can wear your traditional clothes. People can’t go into the temple wearing things that don’t look good.

Local Culture

A large number of Syrian Christians has a big impact on the culture of Kottayam. But the area is also known for its many contributions to the State’s social and literary canon. Kunchan Nambiar and Arundhati Roy are just two of the authors who were born in Kottayam. It is also home to many media and publishing companies.

How to Reach Malliyoor Maha Ganapathy Temple

  • By bus, the closest stop is Kuruppanthara Junction, which is on the Kottayam–Ernakulam Road (MC Road). The Junction is 2 km away from the Temple.
  • By road, turn right at Kuruppanthara Junction on the Kottayam–Ernakulam Road if you’re coming from EKM–KTM or left if you’re coming from KTM–EKM (MC Road). From there, you need to follow the signs to the temple. The Junction is 2 km away from the Temple.
  • By Train, Kuruppanthara station in Kottayam – Ernakulam route. The Temple is half a kilometre from this station.

Location Map

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