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Babulnath Temple in Mumbai

Babulnath Temple in Mumbai – Darshan Timing, Location, History

Babulnath Shiva Temple is a must-see if you want to feel calm and peaceful when you are in Mumbai. It is one of the oldest temples in Mumbai, which makes it even more important to the people who go there.

Where in Mumbai is the Babulnath Temple? It is built on a hillock near Malabar Hill and has a long history and an exciting story about how it was built. The temple was built in the last 200 years but has been around since the 18th century.

Its walls are made of specially carved limestone that shows scenes from Hindu legends. When tourists first see it, they find it interesting.

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The beautiful marble floor in this temple was brought all the way from Rajasthan.

So, every step you take inside this temple feels royal and magical, and you can meet and talk to Indian-dressed devotees every day. So, every moment spent in this temple is peaceful and full of devotion.

You can also see worshippers worldwide paying their respects to Lord Shiva and other idols.

You can find sculptures and idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Nandi with Kashyap, and Kashyap with Nandi once you get inside the holy temple that so many Hindus and locals respect. We would also suggest that you buy a basket before you go into the temple.

If you worship Shiva, Durga Mata, and Goddess Parvati with all your heart in the centre of this temple, this basket will bring you joy, happiness, and all your wishes will come true.

If you have questions about how to pray with the basket you buy, you can always ask other devotees or the priest.

On the other hand, there are statues of Goddess Parvati and Durga Mata in the middle of this temple. Even more special about this temple is that prayers for Lord Shiva are said here about four times a day.

During Mahashivratri, about a lakh people come to this temple for Darshan. The whole scene is something to look at and remember so you can tell stories about it when you get home.

History of Babulnath Temple

The story that is told about how Lord Babulnath Mahadev came to be or where he came from is very interesting and exciting. In the South-West area, where Malabar Hill is now, there was a lot of pasture land about two hundred years ago. Mr.Pandurang, a wealthy goldsmith, owned this large piece of land. In the pasture, Mr. Pandurang’s cattle used to graze. The cows were being taken care of by a man named Babul. In the field, there was a lot of green grass. The cattle used to roam around freely and happily. Babul didn’t have much to worry about with the cattle. He used to play his flute, and the cows would happily graze in the pasture. Since the cows ate fresh grass, they were in good health and made a lot of milk. Mr.Pandurang, the owner, always had too much milk.

One night, a healthy cow named Kapila didn’t give her master even one drop of milk. The master went to Babul and asked him what was going on. The answer that Babul, the cowherd, gave shocked the Master. Babul said, “With all due respect, this isn’t the first time the cow hasn’t given milk.” The cow hasn’t been giving milk in the evening for a long time. Unintentionally, the cowherd added that the cow always goes to the same place at night to empty all of her teats, so no one could expect her to give milk. But the master did not believe what the cowheard had to say. So, the next day, he went with Babul, and when he saw what the cow did, he was surprised. When Kapila, a healthy cow, got to the place where she was supposed to be, she jumped and stood up. She let her milk flow freely from her teats at the spot as a way of anointing it (Abhishek). The master was interested in what he saw. The cow’s master dug up the spot where the cow often sprayed milk or poured milk out. The Master was surprised and happy to find a beautiful Shivling carved out of a black stone that was there on its own. This Shivling has been there for about 200 years and is our Lord Shree Babulnath Bhagwan. The most important god at the temple.

The architecture of Babulnath Temple

With its beautifully carved pillars, the Babulnath Mandir’s style is similar to that of Hindu temples. The walls of the temple are made of limestone that has been carved into intricate designs. There are stories and statues from Hindu mythology on the pillars and ceilings.

The marble floor was brought down from Rajasthan, which makes this temple look even better.

What you can do at the Babulnath Temple?

People from all over the world come to the Babulnath Mandir in the city of Mumbai to pray to Shiva and give him flowers and milk. You can do so too.

To get to the main temple shrine, where the Shivalinga is kept, you have to climb 110 steps. You can also use the elevator. When you get to the top, you’ll be in a calm place away from the chaos.

There are also other shrines at Babulnath Mandir that hold the gods that were found when the temple was being built.

So, buy an offering basket from one of the shops outside the temple and ask the statues inside Babulnath Mandir to bless you. Also, don’t miss the three times-a-day special prayers that the temple priests say.

Babulnath Temple Timings and Entry Fee

Every day except Monday, the Babulnath Mandir opens at 5 AM and closes at 10:30 PM. On Mondays, the temple is open from 4:30 AM to 11:30 PM. Everyone can get in for free. But if you want to use the lift, it will cost you £1.

If you want to see the special pooja and live aarti, you can go to the Babulnath Temple between 5.45 AM and 7 AM, 11 AM and 12 PM, or 4.45 PM and 6 PM. During the morning and noon pooja, priests also offer a platter of fruits and other foods to the Lord. Around 8 PM, food for the evening is served.

Best Time to Visit Babulnath Temple

Between November and March, when the weather in Mumbai is nice, is the best time to go to the temple. Since there isn’t much humidity, it would be easier to go up those 110 stairs.

On Mahashivaratri, which is in February, people come together to honour Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and ask for their blessings. On other days, try to visit during a pooja session at the Babulnath Temple to see live aarti and the gods being worshipped.

Things to think about when you go to Babulnath Temple

  • Dress with respect, preferably in clothes that Hindus wear.
  • When there are a lot of people, keep an eye on your things.
  • If you are with older people, take the elevator.

Places to visit near Babulnath Shiva Temple

ISKCON Chowpatty is a well-known temple that is only 8–10 minutes from Babulnath. Both temples can be seen in a single day by true followers of Hindu religion and mythology.

This ISKCON temple also has a theatre and a place for guests to stay.

So, it’s easy for travellers to stay here. Besides that, there are programmes for youth on Sundays. The atmosphere of this temple is calm and peaceful because the people who go there and the people who watch over it are very nice and friendly.

At the moment, Sri Sri Radha Gopinath and Sri Vishaka are the gods who live here. Other than that, Sri Lalita is here, along with her friends like Sri Nita Gaurachandra.

Devotees who spend a lot of time at this temple can also learn about the newest Youth Yatras.

Kamala Nehru Park is about 3.4 kilometres from the Babulnath temple. Locals also call it Shoe Park because of the big slide that looks like a woman’s shoe. People bring their kids here to have a small picnic.

Some parts of the path in this park are muddy, while other parts are perfectly paved. You can enjoy the large fountain area and feed the birds at night.

There are beds with lots of plants and flowers and benches for sitting and relaxing.

You should also know that this park is part of the Hanging Gardens. From different parts of this park, people can see the Arabian Sea from a wide range of angles. The fact that it is on top of Malabar Hill makes this possible.

Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya museum is about 1.2 km away from the temple. It is called the Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya. Visitors who want to learn more about Gandhi’s life can go to this Sangrahalaya.

Here, people can see Gandhiji’s room, library, books, pictures, and other things that belonged to him. He used to live in this museum, but now it is a place where people can learn about his life.

He used to live in this building, so this museum holds a special place in his heart.

Also, you can see Charkhas, Gandhiji quotes, his pictures stuck on white walls, and letters he may have written to freedom fighters and other politicians.

This building has only two floors and is surrounded by a lot of greenery and quiet, so people can find peace here any time of year.

Overall, history fans will find this museum to be like a trip down memory lane to the time when he lived. Seeing pictures of how he lived by his principles of nonviolence is mesmerising.

Malabar Hills Hanging Garden can be reached in about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how busy the roads are. They are on the other side of Kamala Nehru Park from Kamala Nehru Park and are also called the Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens.

In fact, these gardens were built in 1881. In 1921, they were fixed up again. The Arabian Sea can be seen from these gardens, and the hedges inside are made to look like different animals.

So, kids do like to have picnics in these parks.

Also, tourists should set aside at least two to three hours to see everything in these parks.

Girgaum Chowpatty is a beach where Hindi movies and TV shows are often filmed. People also come here to do yoga and take their daily walks. People who live in the area also like to go to this beach with friends and family in the evening. In addition to seeing the sunset, you can watch street performers and eat a variety of fast food and spicy Mumbai street food. The Babulnath Temple is 2 km from this beach.

Marine Drive, a 3-kilometre-long, “C”-shaped boulevard, is a must-see for tourists in Mumbai. People in the area like to hang out there with their friends because they can see the Arabian Sea. Marine Drive is part of Mumbai’s busy nightlife. It is also called “Queen’s Necklace” because, from above, the way the lights look at night looks like a necklace. It is 3 kilometres away from the Babulnath Temple.

How to reach Babulnath Temple Mumbai?

The Babulnath Temple is easy to get to from anywhere in Mumbai. You can get there by taxi, car service, or public bus. You can also take a local train to get to the temple. The nearest train station is on Grant Road.

You can also hire a taxi from one of Mumbai’s best car rental companies to take you to Babulnath Temple and other places of interest. Here are the various ways to get to Mumbai:

By Road: National highways link Mumbai to India’s biggest cities. And there are a lot of public and private buses that go between Mumbai and other cities nearby. There are also long-distance luxury coaches. Most of them stop at Mumbai Central Bus Depot, which is about 4 km from the temple.

By Train: The two main train stations that connect Mumbai to the rest of India are Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Mumbai Central. There are trains that run regularly from both the big cities and the small towns. Both stations are 4 km away from the Babulnath Temple.

By air: There are regular flights from many airports to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, which is about 22 km away. There are flights every day from many of the country’s and the world’s most popular tourist destinations and business hubs.

Important Contact Details

Address: 16, Babulnath Rd, Charni Road, Babulnath, Dadi Sheth Wadi, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007

Official Website: Not available

Phone Number: 022 2367 8367

Babulnath Temple Location Map:

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