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palani murugan temple

Arulmigu Palani Murugan Temple

South India has always had a lot of respect for Lord Karthikeya, who is Lord Shiva’s son. He is also called Lord Murugan, and many devotees in Southern India, especially in Tamil Nadu, pray to him. Many temples and sites in this area are dedicated to him, which shows his importance. Many big festivals are also held in his honor, each marked with much pomp and fun.

In the Tamil Nadu district of Dindigul, Arulmigu Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple is one of the most important lord Muruga temples. It is in the small town of Palani. This old Temple is also called the Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple or the Palani Dhandayuthapani Temple. It is at the base of the Palani hills. This Temple is about 67 km from Kodaikanal, one of Tamil Nadu’s best hill towns.

Lord Kartikeya, who is Lord Shiva’s son, is honored at the Arulmigu Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple. Murugan is another name for Lord Kartikeya. This Temple is in the South Indian district of Dindigul, in the village of Palani. It is at the base of the Palani hills. Palani is about 105 km southeast of Coimbatore, 122 km northwest of Madurai, and 67 km southwest of Kodaikanal. Palani Panchamirtham is the name of the Prasadam given out at this Temple. Panchamirtham means a mix of five things. This place of worship is also called the Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple. Murugan, also called Lord Kartikeya, is thought to have six homes. This Temple is thought to be his third home out of six.

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The Story of the Palani Murugan Temple

Palani is closely related to the oldest and most enduring story of Lord Shiva’s family, which is Lord Shiva on Mount Kailash with his wife Parvati and their two sons, Ganesha and Kartikeya. Once, Narada, an immortal sage, went to see Shiva. He gave Shiva a fruit and told him to give it to his kids. But he said they should go worldwide; whoever gets there first will get this fruit.

Kartikeya sat on his peacock and went three times around the world. Ganesha did the smart thing by saying that his parents made everything. Shiva and Parvati were happy to see Ganesha and the fruit given him. When Karthikeya learned about this, he was angry to learn that his hard work had been for nothing. He left Kailash and went to the hills of Palani in southern India. He meditated to learn more about himself after he felt like he had to leave his childhood behind.

History of Palani Hill Temple

Arulmigu Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple is important because it is one of the six holy places where Murugan lives. When people go to Palani Temple, they get a special treat called Panchamirtham, a sweet mix of five natural foods.

There are many stories about how the Arulmigu Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple got started. Sage Narada is said to have given the Fruit of Knowledge to Lord Shiva, who then gave it to his sons, Murugan and Lord Ganesha. But the two brothers couldn’t share this fruit because they couldn’t cut it in half. Then Lord Shiva decided to have a race in which the winner would have to go around the world greatly. The fruit would go to the winner of this race. Both boys agreed to do it, and Murugan left right away on his peacock to go around the world.

On the other hand, Lord Ganesha was smart and went around Shiva and Parvathi thrice. He then said he had won the race because he had gone around his Divine parents, who were as big as the world.

Lord Shiva was pleased by what Lord Ganesha did, so he gave him the Fruit of Knowledge. Lord Murugan was very angry when he got back from his useless quest. He left his home on Mount Kailash and went to the hills of Palani. Then he decided that this would be his new home. So, the hills of Palani became one of Lord Murugan’s homes, and people still came to worship him. People also think that Sage Bogar, one of the 18 great Siddhars, set up the statue of Murugan here.

The Architecture of Palani Arulmigu Temple

King Perumal of the Chera Dynasty was thought to have ruled over Palani and the places around it between the 2nd and 5th centuries. The story goes that Lord Murugan told him to rebuild the Temple in a dream he had. After waking up, the King looked for the Lord’s statue. After he found it, he rebuilt the Temple on Sivagiri Hill, which is the tallest of Palani’s two hills, and brought it back to its former glory.

This Temple was built very similarly to the Cheras and the Pandyas. In this case, the idol is unique because it is made of nine poisonous plants that are put together to make them a powerful medicine that will last forever. This statue shows Murugan holding his staff and dressed like an ascetic who has given up the world and all of its joys. This figure is standing on a stone base. On the walls of the Temple are many words written in old Tamil script. On top of the Temple is a golden tower called a Gopuram, which has several statues of Murugan and other gods.

Lord Ganesha sits in a shrine at the door of the Temple, and people pray to him before seeing Murugan. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi also have their shrines. People who want to visit Arulmigu Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple must climb the hill or use the winch.

Celebrations at the Palani Temple

Thai Poosam is the most important event at Arulmigu Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple. On this day, people walk to the top of the hill. Other famous festivals in Palani Muruga Temple are Panguni Uttiram, Chitra Pournami, Agni Nakshatram, Vaikaasi Visakam, and Aani Annabhishekam. Kanda Sashti, Tirukkarthigai, and Markazhi pooja are also very famous festivals. Some of them happen during the month of Aadi.

This spot is known for attracting Kavadis. Every year, a lot of followers walk here with Kavadis. People here also choose to shave their heads, which is considered a religious act.


The Palani Temple is open every day from 5:45 am to 9 pm. During these times, people can pray and do darshan.

Darsan Dresscode

Male followers are told to wear dhotis, shirts, pajamas, or pants and shirts, while women and girls should wear saris, churidars, or “pavadais” with half-saris. The devotees would not be allowed to wear lungi, bermudas, jeans, or tight leggings.

How to Get to the Palani Temple?

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By Air

The closest airports to Palani are Coimbatore and Madurai. The airport is 114 km from Madurai. You can take a train or bus to Palani from here.

By Rail

The next train station is Palani Railway Station. Only three kilometers separate it from this Temple. The train stations in Dindigul are also close to Palani and are good options. The train stop in Dindigul is about 56 km away.

By Car

Going to the Temple in the Tamil Nadu districts of Dindigul or Madurai would be best. To get to Palani, you can also hire a private car. You can take a direct bus from Chennai, Madurai, and Tuticorin.

Nearest Hotel, Restaurant, Medical Store, ATM

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Address, Website, Official Phone Number, Email, Darshan Live

AddressPalani murugan Tiffen Stall, Palanisamy Nagar, Malumichampatti, Tamil Nadu 641021
Live DarshanNot available
Contact Number04545241293
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