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Belur Math Howrah West Bengal

Belur Math, Howrah, West Bengal

Belur Math, located in Howrah in West Bengal, India, is a famous Hindu temple and pilgrimage centre. It is closely associated with Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda, two famous spiritual teachers who lived in 19th-century India. This temple guide will provide an overview of the history, temple timing, legend, and other darshan information related […]

Ujani Mangal Chandi Mandir

Mangal Chandi Mandir, Ujani, West Bengal

Mangal Chandi Mandir, located in Ujani, West Bengal, is a temple dedicated to Goddess Chandi and her consorts. This Temple is believed to be hundreds of years old and has been a pilgrimage site for devotees all around India. Popularly known as the ‘Ujani Devi Temple’ or ‘Ujani Shaki Peeth’, it attracts many visitors throughout […]

Tarapith Temple West Bengal

Tarapith Temple, West Bengal

Tarapith is a modest temple near Birbhum, 264 kilometres from Kolkata, on the banks of the Dwarka River. The Hindu community considers the temple fortunate due to its age and antiquity. The regal temple, one of India’s 51 Shakti Peeths, is still one of the most significant locations where tantric rites are practised. The poor […]

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