Jatamansi, Jatamasi, Muskroot 
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Jatamansi, Jatamasi, Muskroot 


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Also known as Nardostachys Jatamansi or Jatamasi or Muskroot or Bhutajata or Sambul Lateeb or Balchar or Spikenard or Jatamanji.

What is Jatamansi?

Jatamansi is a herb with flowers that is in the Valerianaeae family. The name of the plant in the scientific world is NARDOSTACHYS JATAMANSI. They grow to be 1 metre tall. This plant has pink flowers that look like bells. Jatamansi is one of the ingredients in a number of herbal medicines.

In the past, jatamansi powder was mostly used as a skincare product and to keep the female reproductive organ healthy and working well. As it has been pushed toward extinction, it has become harder to get ingredients. On the market, you can buy the jatamansi herb as roots, oil, and powder.

Benefits of Jatamansi Root

  • Jatamansi is a solution to a range of skincare issues. It can treat fungal infections that can break out on the skin. Dermatitis, a skin condition where the skin itches, crusts are formed and scaling near the ear occurs can be treated with this herb.
  • Applying jatamansi on cuts and bruises is a very good way to prevent infections. It is also effective in curing infections in the urinary tract and kidneys. Bacteria have been a root cause of many kinds of health issues such as cholera, food poisoning, septic, tetanus etc.
  • Jatamansi powder is an effective option to treat constipation. It is a herbal alternative to various forms of synthetic and chemical-based laxatives. Synthetic products tend to dry the gut as they wash away the mucus lining on it while stimulating bowel movement.

Product note:

  • No claims are made by us about what this item can do on a spiritual/medical level. These pieces of content came from Books, folktales, and other places.
  • Since these are natural products, the real product may look a little different from the picture. No two natural products have the same texture and pattern.
  • For medical use, consult a qualified doctor before use of this product.

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