Frank Incense, Khada Dhoop


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Also known as Frank Incense, Khada Dhoop, Gum Damar, Damar Resin, Damar Gum.

Frankincense name in other Languages

  • Hindi: लोहबान
  • Bengali: ধুনো
  • Marathi: धूप 
  • Telugu: సాంబ్రాణి
  • Tamil: சாம்பிராணி
  • Gujarati: લોબાન
  • Kannada: ಧೂಪ 
  • Odia:
  • Malayalam: കുന്തുരുക്കം
  • Punjabi: ਲੁਬਾਨ
  • Assamese: ধূপ, গুগগুল

Frankincense is a resin obtained from the bark of trees belonging to the Boswellia genus and their natural environment. For centuries, frankincense has been used in religious ceremonies, burial rituals and perfumes. Primarily found in Somalia, Ethiopia, Oman and Yemen, frankincense has an aromatic scent when burned that has captivated people for thousands of years.

Frankincense or Khada Dhoop is an integral part of Hindu rituals and ceremonies as well. Used in puja and havan, it is a powerful tool for connecting with the divine and creating positive energy. The resin from the Boswellia tree has been used for thousands of years to bring peace, clarity and healing to those who burn it.

The smoke that results when Frankincense has burned carries prayers up to the gods or divine beings while also helping purify negative energies from space. It’s believed that burning Frankincense can help relax the mind and body while simultaneously invoking divine protection against evil forces from entering any given space. In addition, many Hindus believe that Frankincense can help them attain physical, mental and spiritual balance and aid in meditation by clearing away distractions so they can focus on their prayer without outside influence.

In modern times, frankincense essential oil is extracted from the resin for use in aromatherapy treatments or medicinal purposes. Used as part of a holistic treatment plan or as standalone therapy, many claim that it can reduce stress levels and improve emotional well-being by influencing the limbic system responsible for emotions. It is also believed to have pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits, making it attractive to practitioners looking to alleviate muscle soreness and other bodily discomforts.

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